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Shared LEV parking spots, CaaS

e-scooters, scooters, e-bikes and land food delivery drones all operate roughly in the same power range as well have similar energy storage, meaning our Contactless Charging can charge them all from the same station. Thereby creating an infrastructure that supports the Light EV (LEV) transition to sustainable mobility.


The station as a parking spot so the vehicle just drives on it and it already works. Done through our Charging as Service model we can decrease the recharge related costs 50-80%.

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Shared EV parking spots, CaaS

Diesel and petrol cars had to charge in gas stations and now electric vehicles must find a gas station too to charge. Tesla introduced the Superchargers for garages for private use and gained massive success with it.

We can offer a step further by equipping parking spots with Contactless Charging technology, so while your EV is parked it can also charge. Contributing to adaptation of EV-s by making the convenient infrastructure for them.


Products for private use

We can offer Contactless Charging as hardware for LEV and EV manufacturers, that can be sold with the vehicle. These can then be used by offices who want to offer mobility for employees or private users alike. 

Every LEV & EV equipped by the manufacturer can also charge in the stations of our infrastructure. 



Expanding the range of drones

As Contactless Charging does not need humans to connect the cable or a complicated port it is extremely useful for remote guided or FSD drones, as now they can charge just by parking without any further interaction or complications.


As Contactless Charging can transmit through air, water or vacuum of space it can be used for all land, air, space or submerged drones. 


Land drones, air drones & eVTOL's would have expanded range. Submerged drones would not have to resurface to charge and can do their main task longer.  


Improving warehouse drones

Today warehouse drones work for a predetermined amount of time then drive into a port like floor cleaning drone. We can offer installments in front of package lines and shelves so that every time it stops to pick up a package or put it away it charges through Contactless Charging pads. 

This can then increase the time spent on work and decrease off-time.

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