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Access to energy from the Sun without cables

Access to energy is a key requirement for a modern working society. Wutany is making the worlds first Energy Generating/Storing/Transferring fabric to provide seamless, instant and 100% green access to the energy from the Sun.

Providing access to energy independently from the grid and the price of it, enabling new possibilities and revolutionizing a $3T industry.

We are on a Mission...

to become the first & the biggest network of Contactless Charging stations.

We enVision...

a better, more sustainable world where access to Sun's energy is available anywhere seamlessly.

Limited Access

The problem with energy today

While most devices have become mobile the way we charge our devices has remained wired as it has been for the last 120 years. 

Civilization populates around the electric grid and we are more dependent on it than we are willing to admit. With the grid we get urbanization. 76% of generated energy is still not sustainable yet the demand for it is ever increasing and we do not have alternatives. 

Building a grid over hundreds of miles for smaller communities or expeditions is costly in both material, energy and money. Today there are still 134M families without access to energy...


Limited Usability

The problem with solar panels today

While solar panels have enabled mankind to generate energy in remote locations and in a sustainable way, they still remain as solid and heavy, stationary solutions creating transmission losses.

Most solar panels are not being used to their full efficiency as they require the right angle to the sun in order to be efficient, this is why you see industrial solar panels on rotatory frames. 

But the key drawback, what limits solar panels from being mobile is that they are solid objects. For over 30 years projects and academia have tried to create a solar fabric and have been largely unsuccessful, but they have not tried a Solar/Battery fabric...


Independence from the grid in fabrics

At Wutany we imagine a world where energy for powering devices is as conveniently accessible as Wifi.

The EG/ES fabric is used for harvesting energy from the sun and storing it. It works also while in movement. It can be made into products that exist today that are made from fabrics using conventional production methods.


We provide Contactless Charging to distribute this power over a distance without cables into all types of devices. 

Contactless Charging

EG/ES fabric


In partnership with...


University of West of England Bristol


Meredot SIA

The Team


Martin Nõlve

CEO & Founder of Wutany

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Dr. Nazmul Karim

ES Fabric Development Division Lead

  • LinkedIn

Dr. Shaila Afroj

EG Fabric Development Division Lead

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Roman Bysko

Contactless Charging CTO

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