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Introducing wCharge

Fully automated Contactless Charging infrastructure for charging both human operated and self-driving Light Electric Vehicles.



Charging distance




Charging power

The problem

Better infrastructure needed

Most electric vehicles, including e-scooters, do not have a well thought through infrastructure for them to be considered a better alternative to combustion engine vehicles. 

They have a high maintenance cost, are being left wherever by the users and have not become an accepted, stable and reliable means of transportation within the city.

Existing solutions like cable charging are not sustainable, wear out quickly due to weather conditions, and other solutions like battery swaps require a person to swap the battery 

We have something better in mind...


The Vision

Charge while you park

Most scooters are parked 80% of the time yet need to be collected for charging every other day.


We will integrate Contactless Charging plaform moduels into designated parking areas in the city. Then the user can park the vehicle after using it and charging will initate automatically. 

This makes it possible for automated charging of self-driving vehicles too. 

No human input.
Long lifetime without maintenance

Fits with city aesthetics


The Benefits

For companies, cities & the EU


Low starting cost

40 - 80%

Maintenance cost reduction in charging

More orderly streets


of CO2 saved per 90% charge



Universal platform

The Process

For fleet managers & manufacturers


Request a demo and we will get in touch shortly.


You will ship us a demo prototype of your vehicle and we will take its measurements.


We will adjust our receiver according to the measurements.


We will notify you once the wCharge network is operational in your area.


Receivers are integrated into your fleet and the fleet can use the wCharge network.

The Team

Mina-modified (1).png

Martin Nõlve

  • LinkedIn

CEO, Project Lead & Co-Founder


Alexander Stern

  • LinkedIn

Software Development Lead & Co-Founder

cropped_image (1).png

Oleksandr Husev

  • LinkedIn

CTO & Hardware development lead, Co-Founder


Bohdan Pakhaliuk

  • LinkedIn

Systems & hardware engineer, Co-Founder

The Partners


Tallinn University of Technology


Hoog Mobility

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